3D animations Expeditie Vlaardingen

AR experiences for historic route app

Our app development partner Platipus produced a historic route app for the old town Vlaardingen. With the app you are guided through the old center of Vlaardingen and given information in text and sound.

In the Vlaardingen route app, two stories stand out as particularly special. These narratives, ‘The Legend of the Cat Mug’ and the story behind the ‘Man in Yellow’ from Rembrandt’s ‘Night Watch,’ have been enriched with augmented reality layers to enhance the storytelling experience.

For ‘The Legend of the Cat Mug,’ we breathed life into the mural with a 2D animation and a well-suited voiceover. 

We recreated a section of Willem van Ruytenburch’s (the man in yellow) former residence in 3D. Using AR technology, it can now be place precisely at its original location.


Everyone in Vlaardingen can follow the route for free by downloading the Vlaardingen Routes app for iOS or Android.