3D World buyers guide article

Which renderer is right for me?

For 3D World magazine I wrote an article about the 3D render software options available on the Mac. Personally I have always had the desire the be up to date with all mayor options. Probably just to convince myself I made the right choice. With updates and added features announcements throughout the year you easily get the feeling the grass is greener on the other side. 

It was fun testing Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Corona Renderer and V-Ray and sharing my experience. And of course I did some product placement in the test scenes.

Want to read the full story? Grab yourself a copy of 3D world #271.  

Spoiler alert: there actually is no wrong choice since all offer great features to get your work done. I have used V-Ray and Redshift professionally but at the moment my go to renderer is Corona. 

Arnold render with nested dielectrics
Octante render with fire VDB's.
V-Ray render with Sheen effect
Native Cinema 4D render nodes with Redshift
Redshift render