‘Scattering’ 3D mural with AR animation

In collaboration with Leon Keer
In the summer of 2020 I worked with Leon Keer on his 3D mural ‘Scattering’. Through intensive collaboration, we were able to match his massive painting with an augmented reality animation. We have a long history of AR projects in the past, but never before have we made one at this scale. Really satisfying to see the scarfs flying over your head at such a big scale. Go see it in Helsingborg Sweden!
For anyone not at the location, you can try the animation by using the paining on Leonkeer.com. You will need the Leon Keer app for iOS or Android which can be downloaded for free. To scan the painting, just print it out or open it on another screen.
Final mural in Helsingborg Sweden
Camera view from the Leon Keer app